Church Service

Join us for our open services every Sunday starting 5 Sept 21, 3pm & 4.30pm. Do refer below for admission and SafeEntry requirement details.

Services Timing / Admission details:

Kindly arrive on time as level 1 access will be closed based on the following timings:

  • 1st Service: 3pm (Admission at 2.45pm / Admission closes at 3.20pm)

  • 2nd Service: 4.30pm (Admission at 4.15pm / Admission closes at 4.50pm)

  • You will require to book an e-ticket for each person attending the service.

  • As tickets are limited, tickets will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Adult and child will each require a ticket for admission.

  • Children's Services on Sunday have been postponed. If your children are accompanying you, please book a ticket for them for the main service.

SafeEntry Requirements:

Our services are open to all vaccination statuses. Please download your Tracetogether app or Token for SafeEntry. Children 7yrs and above will be required to check in individually via token/TTP app.

Service Details

Why do I need a ticket to attend the service?

As per our current government's requirement to adhere to the allowable group size, tickets are used to monitor the capacity of the room to avoid overcrowding. We also hate to turn away people! So to ensure your efforts to make your way down physically will not go to waste, pre-registration will help assure your entry to attend our physical services!

Do I need to pay for the ticket?

 No. Admission is FREE.

Who should get a ticket?

EVERY adult and child (including infant) requires a valid ticket for entry per venue. Please have your ticket ready for check-in at the entrance.

How many tickets can I book at 1 time?

Main Service (up to 5) / Sunday school (up to 4)

When is the cut off time for booking my tickets: Tickets are available till 1min before the start of service